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The Opposite Of Distracted Driving – Five Strategies To Focus As Much As Possible On The Road

by | Jan 6, 2017

Opposite Of Distracted Driving

Family Sitting In Trunk Of Car

If you allow yourself to be distracted while driving, you put yourself and other drivers on the road at risk. Distracted driving leads to accidents. Here are five ways to ensure you are alert and ready to handle any road situation:

  1. Be well-rested before you drive – Most auto accidents occur within a mile of the driver’s home. If you are going on a long road trip, get plenty of rest first. If you have gone a long time without sleep, even if you are driving locally, make sure you’ve had enough sleep before you get behind the wheel.
  2. Drive without the radio – One of the more frequent reasons people have accidents while driving is when they try to change the settings on the car radio. If you drive without a radio, you’ll focus more on driving. That’s true even if you don’t touch the dial.
  3. Don’t use your cell phone – Even if you are using it hands-free, cell phones are one of the primary causes of accidents on the road. Use phone calls just for emergencies, rather than as a source of entertainment. And under no circumstances should you text while driving.
  4. Make frequent stops – On long road trips, stop once an hour and take a five minute walk. Take a bathroom break and stretch your legs.
  5. Don’t play games – Many families fight the boredom of road trips by playing games like the license plate alphabet game. If you’re the driver, let everyone else play while you focus on the road.

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