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Phoenix Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, call us for a free consultation.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is, very simply, injury to the brain that occurs suddenly.  The term does not include, for example, hereditary brain damage, but it does include brain damage caused by accidents, shaking, sports/recreation-related events, impact from a sharp or heavy object, and others.  If you or a loved one has suffered brain trauma as a result of one of these causes, contact the Kelly Law Team today.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are millions of brain injuries in the United States each year.  One of the reasons why TBI is categorized separately from some other personal injury topics is due to the severity of these types of injuries, the cost of ongoing medical and related treatment, and what amounts, in many cases, to the total disruption of the life of the person injured.


What are the signs of TBI?


As serious as these types of injuries are, it is not always apparent immediately that a person has suffered a brain trauma.  The following list details some of the ways in which these injuries manifest themselves after an accident or other trauma to the head/brain:

  • You lose consciousness.
  • You suffer memory loss for the period just prior to, or just after, the accident.
  • Your mental state is altered to some degree, meaning that you are dazed, or feeling confused or disoriented).

In your case, one or more of these effects may be present.  There are also medical tests that can identify the existence of TBI.


Common causes of brain injuries


There is no limit to the potential causes of brain injuries.  Some are the result of automobile accidents, sports injuries, being struck by an object, a blow to the head, violent shaking, and others.  In addition, brain injuries can result from a near-drowning, and a host of other causes.


What are the damages in brain injury cases?


In a very general sense, the damages in a brain injury cases parallel those in many other personal injury cases.  What sets TBI cases apart is the severity of the injuries, and the cost of continuing care.  The types of damages we will seek on your behalf will generally consist of:

  • Medical bills. The initial medical bills, and those that accrue during the time your claim is pending, can be astronomical.  In addition to the emergency room and doctor visits, hospitalization and surgeries are often required.  Costs can mount up quickly, and can put you in a difficult financial bind in no time at all.
  • Loss of future earnings. The nature of brain injuries is such that many of those who are injured can no longer perform their job functions.  In some cases, this is simply the result of diminished mental capacity.  In others, your ability to deal with others may be impaired by fatigue, difficulty controlling your emotions, and other causes.  Even if you are able to work, you may have to take a job that pays significantly less than you were earning before the accident.  You are entitled to recover the lost earning capacity you have suffered because of an injury caused by someone else.
  • Cost of continuing care. Physical therapy, medication, nursing care, and help with daily activities are some of the needs you may have continuing into the future.  The nature of the services, their cost and likely duration will all be factored into your damage claim.
  • Pain and suffering. This will include compensation for the physical pain you have suffered and will continue to suffer, as well as the diminished quality of your life as the result of the injury.


Phoenix brain injury lawyer


Suffering a brain injury can radically alter your entire life.  While money cannot fully compensate you for your loss, it can make dealing with the trauma easier.  John Kelly is an experienced personal injury attorney who will protect your rights and seek the maximum recovery on your behalf.  If you or a family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury, call Mr. Kelly today to schedule a free consultation.

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