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Proven Results

Client C.F. family

Injury: Serious accident involving a husband, wife and two daughters.  This accident including a catastrophic injury to an eleven-year-old girl who was in the back seat.

Case Facts: The family was on their way home from vacation on the highway.  There was a pickup truck that was blocking the road because they were attempting pull another vehicle out of the ditch with a chain.  Our clients could not see the truck and slammed into the side causing the family to all have significant injuries.

Results: $3,300,000.00 settlement for the family.  This multi-million-dollar settlement was outstanding and will allow the family to set up future care for their daughter who was permanently injured.

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Client C.P.

Injury: Hand Injury from Firework

Case Facts: February 2018: The Kelly Law Team settled with home owners insurance on a hand injury to our client due to an explosion from a firework.  The Kelly Law Team settled for the policy limits of 1 million dollars.  We were able to obtain this result within seven months from the date of the accident which is very fast for such a large policy.  Our team was able to overcome the defendant’s argument that they were not responsible for the injuries.

Results: $1,000,000.00 settlement.  The Kelly Law Team continues to pursue further recovery.

Client J.K.

Injury: Concussion from Car Accident

Case Facts: December 2017:  Client suffered a relatively serious concussion from an auto accident where she was rear-ended.  This case presented some difficulties because client had prior concussions she had suffered from playing sports.  We were able to get her to the right experts to evaluate and monitor her injures.  This gave us substantial evidence of injury when it was time to settle and showed that the concussion had an effect on many important aspects of her life.

Results: $100,000.00 settlement.  Kelly Law Team will now pursue an Underinsured Motorist policy to obtain even more for the client.

Client M. B.

Injury: Whiplash injury after being rear-ended in Car Accident:

Case Facts: August 2017: This was an auto accident where our client had whiplash injuries to her neck, back, and knee.  This was a great result as our client had modest amounts of medical expenses, but we were able to maximize a claim for pain and suffering.

Result: Settled for $125,000.00 which included two settlements.

Client A.G.

Injury: Crush injury resulting in broken bones

Case Facts: September 2017:  Client was injured by her own son who accidently pinned her against a wall with the family vehicle.  We were also able to get large reductions in her medical bills so that the client was able to retain a significant portion of the settlement.

Result: Settled for $100,000.00.  This result was especially good given that the Kelly Law Team was able to settle it for the policy limits within two months of taking the case on.

Client J. W.

Injury: Broken Leg

Case Facts: Client was pushing a broken-down vehicle when he was hit by another vehicle who was inattentive.  The Kelly Law Team worked to aggressively pursue the defendant’s insurance policy.

Results: Settled for $100,000.00 policy limits.

Client Mike S:

Injury: Open crush wound on leg

Case Facts: Client was hit from behind while at a complete stop on the interstate.  The Kelly Law Team followed the client’s injuries closely and obtained an opinion from a plastic surgeon who could estimate the long-term damage to the clients leg.

Results: $100,000.00 settlement 

Client V.P. and daughter

Injury: Client broke both wrists and went into labor

Case Facts: Client was making a turn when she slammed into a vehicle that had failed to yield to the right of way.  This caused her airbag to deploy which broke both of her wrists.  She was pregnant at the time and went into labor.

Results: $222,000.00 has been recovered.  The Kelly Law Team continues to pursue other avenues of recovery and is currently litigating a claim against the airbag manufacturer.

Client Bill S.

Injury: broken foot

Case Facts: Client fell from a faulty staircase on a friend’s property.  This claim had several legal obstacles that were overcome by the attorneys working with the Kelly Law Team.  The initial offer in this case was $40,000.00 which was promptly rejected.

Case Results: February 2018: At trial the jury awarded our client $500,000.00.   The insurance company considered appealing, but then realized there were no issues to appeal as the attorney had done an outstanding job in litigation.

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