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Autism Scholarship Contest 2023

Kelly Law Team

The Kelly Law Team is delighted to announce that it will be sponsoring a contest for the award of an educational scholarship. This aspect of the firm’s involvement with the community has been ongoing since 2015, and for the fifth time the scholarship will be awarded to a person diagnosed with autism (also known as autism spectrum disorder, or ASD). The scholarship is in the amount of $1,000, and it will be made as a direct payment  toward the winning applicant’s tuition at a post-secondary educational institution. The scholarship may be used for tuition at a college, graduate school, trade (vocational) school, or junior college chosen by the winning applicant.

Persons diagnosed with ASD often face various challenges, including challenges affecting communication with others, and hence educational opportunities. Our sincere belief is that in offering this scholarship, we will be providing an incentive to those with autism to continue their schooling beyond the secondary level, and pursuing their ultimate educational goals.

Autism Scholarship Contest

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

Eligibility for the scholarship is quite simple. An applicants must (a) be citizens of the United States, (b) diagnosed with autism, (c) who would like to further their education beyond the secondary school (high school) level. We do not require that an applicant be enrolled in any educational institution or program when the application is submitted. We also reserve the right to ask you for verification of your ASD diagnosis.

The Application and Award Process

The application appears below and must be completed and received by us on or before December 20, 2023. Please be sure to complete the entire application, including a brief explanation (around 100 word) stating the way in which the continuation of your education will further your anticipated career goals. You may also (although you are not required to) provide us with a second, optional statement indicating the ways in which autism has impacted your educational goals thus far.

The Kelly Law Team will announce the winner of the scholarship no later than January 21, 2024. The Firm reserves the right to select the winner in its sole discretion.

Privacy Issues

Upon submission, the information in your application becomes the property of our Firm. We do not sell that information. but we do reserve the right to use it to publicize the activities of our Firm, including, but not limited to, our award of educational scholarships.

What to do if you have questions

Any concerns relating to the scholarship, the scholarship program, or the application itself, should be directed, via email, if possible, to:

Kelly Law Team
1 E. Washington St., Suite 1520
Phoenix, AZ 85004
email [email protected]


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