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Phoenix Car Accident Attorney

Phoenix Car Accident Attorney - Kelly Law Team
Phoenix Car Accident Attorney

Have you or a family member suffered an injury as the result of a car accident? Are you concerned about how the medical bills and other expenses of the accident will be paid, or about compensation for your other losses, as well as pain and suffering? The Kelly Law Team, a personal injury law firm with offices in Phoenix and Gilbert, is here to help.

When the stakes are high, we provide you with the most important ingredient for success in representing people who have been injured in a car crash. That element is experience. Our attorneys have for over 30 years been assisting personal injury victims and providing the highest quality of legal representation. Combining that experience with hard work and a keen understanding of how to maximize results for our clients is the firm’s recipe for success.

We understand that being injured in an accident is frightening and painful. One of the ways we can help is to set your mind at ease by answering your questions and providing guidance from the time of the accident until you receive compensation for your injuries and any other losses.


What Should I Do if I am Injured in a Car Accident?

If you are injured in a car accident, as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, try to stay calm so that you can assess exactly what happened, the extent of your injuries, and the condition of others who may be involved. If you or another person has been injured, call (or have someone else call) 911. Alert the dispatcher if you believe an ambulance may be necessary.

  • When the police arrive, if you are well enough to remain on the scene, provide them with your understanding of what happened. They will prepare an accident report, as they are required to do under A.R.S. 28-667B. That accident report will likely be submitted as evidence if a personal injury case goes to trial.
  • Try to obtain contact information from the drivers or anyone else who may have been in the area and witnessed the accident.
  • You should be examined by a doctor no later than the day following the accident, sooner if possible. The fact that you are not in a great deal of pain does not mean that you have not suffered an injury. Serious injuries such as concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and whiplash are not always apparent immediately after the accident.
  • As soon as you have seen to your immediate medical needs, call your insurance company to advise them of the accident.
  • Contact the Kelly Law Team to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Along with some things that you should do, there are others that you should avoid. We advise our clients not to speak to a representative of the any other driver’s insurance company. If you are contacted by another insurance company concerning the accident, your injuries, or any related matters, refer them to your attorney.


Client Testimonials

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Why It Is Important to Retain an Attorney Quickly?

A car accident attorney’s job does not begin with the filing of a lawsuit. It begins by learning what happened to cause the accident, and who was at fault. In some cases, this means hiring an accident reconstruction expert, who can testify to what happened and what (and who) caused the accident. It may also mean referring you to a doctor or doctors who can assist with your injuries. The more time between the accident and the moment you contact your attorney, the greater the likelihood that information may be lost, and that memories will fade, making it more difficult to succeed in your case.

What if I am Partially at Fault?

The issue here is comparative negligence. What happens, for example, when two drivers are on the road, and each bears some responsibility for the accident? One may be making an improper lane change to the right, and the other may be speeding and trying to pass vehicle #1 on the right. Clearly there is some fault on both sides.

Arizona is a pure comparative fault state (A.R.S. 12-2505), meaning that your recovery is reduced by the percentage the jury assigns to your fault. Thus, even if you were more at fault than the other driver, it does not bar you from recovering damages due to the accident, as long as another person was at least partially at fault. The issue of fault will be investigated by our experts, who will examine any witness accounts, road conditions, and any other relevant evidence. The bottom line is that being partially at fault does not bar you from recovering damages in Arizona.

Why Choose the Kelly Law Team for My Car Accident Case?

The Kelly Law Team provides its clients with decades of legal experience, a focus on personal injury cases, and consistently outstanding case results. While not all personal injury cases go to trial, having an experienced and successful trial lawyer in your corner significantly increases the odds of a settlement on excellent terms. If the case does go to trial, John Kelly and the entire firm are ready to provide the skill and hard work so that you, the client, receives the highest level of legal representation and the highest possible award or settlement.

If you have been injury in a car accident, contact John Kelly at the Kelly Law Team. John will meet with you for a no fee consultation, and you will have the opportunity to see firsthand the firm’s abilities and commitment to its clients.

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