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Phoenix Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been involved in a slip and fall accident? Call us 24 hours a day, we will make sure you get the compensation that you deserve.

Phoenix Slip and Fall Attorney John Kelly

Did you suffer an injury in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area as the result of a slip and fall accident or a trip and fall accident? Do you need to consult with a Phoenix slip and fall accident attorney? Falls can be very serious, especially for older men and death rates have risen sharply over the past decade. If you want to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, the Kelly Law Team will fight for you. Don’t be persuaded by insurance companies and others who may tell you that you have to bear these losses on your own. Those responsible for creating an unsafe condition, for making a condition more dangerous, or for failing to observe and eliminate the unsafe condition, can be liable to you for your injuries, and they can be made to pay. The Kelly Law Team knows how to maximize the results in your case.


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What is a Slip and Fall Accident?


When people think about a trip and fall accident, they might imagine a wet floor in a supermarket.  But these kinds of accidents can happen anywhere and at any time.  They can occur in shopping malls, outside on the street or in a park, or even in someone’s home.  And the cause can also run the gamut from water on the floor, to an uneven sidewalk, to liquid from a broken container in a grocery store.  In the great majority of these cases, another person is at fault, and their negligence caused or contributed to your injuries.

Recent Slip and Fall Case Results

Kenneth M – Trip and fall at Fry’s Food Stores. Settled claim for $65,000.00 with medical expenses totaling $8795.12.

There is an infinite number of possible scenarios in which a trip and fall accident can occur, and lead to an injury.  Here are some of the more common situations:


  • Supermarket falls.  Slip and fall accidents in supermarkets are not at all unusual.  The floors in these stores tend to be tile of one sort or another, and the addition of water, spilled food or any liquid could spell disaster for a customer.  Produce departments often have misting systems that periodically wet the vegetables on the shelves; in the process, they can also wet the floor in that area.  In establishing negligence, sometimes the fault is in creating the situation in the first place, for example, when an employee mops the floor, and fails to place warning signs to alert customers to the danger of slipping.  In other cases, such as when liquid is spilled on the floor by a customer, the unsafe condition may not have been caused initially by the store, but failure to alert customers and clean up the spill promptly may have contributed to your accident and therefore to your injuries.  On the other hand, a customer may have knocked over a jar filled with liquid, but the manner in which the jars were displayed effectively invited an accidental spill in the first place.
  • Public parks and facilities.  If you’ve ever visited the rest area in a public park, you will understand that maintenance is not always first rate at these facilities.  Wet floors are often left as is for hours, and those wet floors are a safety hazard for the men, women and children who frequent the facilities.  In addition to the rest rooms, hazards can exist as the result of failure to maintain or repair paths, as well as allowing (even inviting) people, often children, to use substandard and unsafe playground equipment.  In all these cases, your injuries have been caused by the negligence of others.  With respect to public facilities, your accident lawyer must be aware that the time periods for commencing a lawsuit, as well as providing notice of your claim, are different than in other cases, where only private individuals and private companies are involved.  Failing to adhere to these requirements can result in the loss of whatever rights you have to seek compensation from the public entity.
  • Skip and fall accidents in retail stores and offices.  Supermarkets are not the only retail establishments where conditions can lead to a fall which in turn results in injuries.  Additional places where these conditions commonly occur include automotive and other stores, as well as office buildings, and the causes of the unsafe conditions include spilled oil and other fluids; torn or loose carpeting; unsecured wires and cables on the floor, steps that are unlit and/or unmarked, and the list goes on.  The creation of, the failure to prevent, and/or the failure to remediate such conditions, in most cases, means that the tenant, owner, building manager, or some other person or entity has been negligent, and may therefore be liable to you for the injuries you suffered in their premises.
  • Parking lot trip and fall accidents.  Injuries occur in parking lots on a regular basis.  The causes, however, are not always the same.  The most common reasons that someone would trip and fall in a parking lot include spills, debris, uneven pavement, loose pavement, snow and ice (primarily in the higher elevations) and inadequate lighting.  Any of these conditions can lead to an unsuspecting person (often carrying packages or perhaps holding a small child) to trip, fall and suffer injuries.
  • Sidewalk slip and fall accidents.  The causes of trip and fall accidents on sidewalks are similar to those in parking lots.  Uneven surfaces, debris, loose concrete or other sidewalk material, among others, can all lead to falls which result in injuries.  The right Phoenix trip and fall accident attorney will be able to advise you who may be responsible for the condition, and therefore who could be liable to you.  In some cases, it may be the homeowner, tenant or manager of the premises.  In others, a governmental agency or department may bear some or all of the responsibility.  It is essential, in every case, that your attorney identify all possible parties who might be liable to you in your claim for compensation for your injuries.
Phoenix Slip & Fall Attorney Answers Your Legal Questions -  YouTube

These are just some of the many possible causes of slip and fall accidents.  No two cases are identical, and investigation and hard work on the part of your lawyer can make all the difference.  The Kelly Law Team prides itself on taking whatever steps are necessary to insure the discovery of all relevant facts in your case.


How Do You Prove Injuries?


The use of the term “slip and fall” may sound to some as if the incident is a minor one.  A scraped knee, perhaps, or some minor cut or bruise that can be handled with a Band-Aid.  In fact, slip and fall and trip and fall accidents occur often, and in many cases the injuries are serious.  Indeed, there are as many as a million hospital emergency room visits each year by people who are injured in slip and fall accidents.  You can suffer broken bones, lacerations that can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement, back injuries, and other painful conditions, some of them permanent.

In many cases, it will be necessary to hire a medical expert, usually a physician, to establish the nature of the injury, treatment options, etc.  The right lawyer will be able to assist in finding the appropriate medical professional to provide evidence in the lawsuit and, if required, to assist in your continuing treatment.  You will also be the source of much information in your case, since you can provide evidence of the pain and suffering involved, the manner in which the fall (and the injury) occurred, and any other damages you may have suffered, including lost wages.  Finally, Mr. Kelly with investigate to determine the identity of any other witnesses who may be able to help establish liability and damages.


Trip and Fall Accident Attorney in Phoenix, AZ


John Kelly is a Phoenix personal injury lawyer who understands the plight of many who suffer injuries in slip and fall accidents.  If you are one of those who has been injured, don’t allow the opportunity for recovery of your losses to pass you by.  Remember that statutes of limitations and other time-sensitive requirements exist that need to be adhered to if you are going to maintain your claim, and not lose it through the passage of time.

In addition to complete knowledge of the technical and other requirements of a personal injury case, Mr. Kelly will fight for your rights, and this means he will work diligently to insure that your recovery represents a full and fair settlement for your case.  As a veteran of dozens of jury trials, Mr. Kelly is not afraid to take your case to trial if the insurance company or other defendants are unreasonable in their offers to settle.  Finally, the Kelly Law Team will be at your side from beginning to end.  Not only will we handle your case with the expertise you should expect, but we will also be there to answer your questions, and to keep you advised of developments in your case as they occur. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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