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Why Are Insurance Companies So Hard On Car Accident Claimants? [An Intriguing Theory]

by | Mar 30, 2018

Arizona car insurance companies

It comes as an unpleasant shock to far too many car accident victims. The insurance company that should, by all moral rights, bend over backward to pay for your damages gives you a surprisingly hard time.

  • Maybe you encountered a rude adjuster who reacted nihilistically to your account of crippling back pain.
  • Maybe you got stuck on a seemingly infinite hold cycle when you called the insurance company with basic questions.
  • Maybe you tried being straightforward with the insurance company only to receive an insultingly low-balled settlement offer.

Why does this stuff happen? Why did it happen to you (assuming it did)? And why does it happen to so many claimants across Arizona and across the country?

The answer is: There is no easy answer.

It would be glib to say something like “well, it’s just that insurance companies don’t really care.” That’s not fair. Many insurance company representatives do care. They passionately want to help folks who have experienced devastation. That’s why they do what they do.

So what’s really going on?

One compelling theory puts the blame on the insurance industry as a whole.

Here’s the thinking. Insurance companies are businesses. As such, they need to make money and return profits to their investors. To that end, just thanks to natural business evolution, the carriers have evolved tools—such as the sophisticated software, Colossus—to minimize how much money they have to pay out on injury claims.

In other words, macroscopic business pressures punish insurance companies that dare to behave in generous, humane fashion.

Let’s put some numbers on things, so you can get a feel for this argument. Let’s say a car accident claim objectively should be worth $20,000. An insurance company finds various tricks to reduce its pay out amount to $12,000. Well, that sneaky company will enjoy a huge competitive advantage over any company that “does the right thing” and pays out the proper and appropriate $20,000. The second company is going to go out of business in short order, its positive effect on the world notwithstanding.

So what’s the solution?

First of all, this is just a theory. Second, the solution would require more speculation—and possibly dozens of pages of analysis.

However, if you’re confused about what you should do next, we can hold the appropriate people responsible and get you fair compensation. Call the Kelly Law team now for a comprehensive, free consultation.


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