I’ve been in a scooter accident, what should I do?

Car Accidents Involving Scooters – Everything You Need To Know (Part 2)

Hospitals in major cities are seeing first hand the dangerous injuries caused by the scooter transportation trend. While scooters may look like toys, riders of all ages are reporting serious injuries including three recent deaths. So, what should you do if you have been in a scooter accident? Continue reading “I’ve been in a scooter accident, what should I do?”

Scooter Accidents on the Rise

Car Accidents Involving Scooters – Everything You Need To Know (Part 1)

Scooter use is on the rise thanks to electric scooter rideshare companies like Bird, Lime and Skip, but many emergency room doctors are warning that these seemingly harmless vehicles are just as dangerous as other motorized vehicles. Whether you take advantage of rideshare services or own your own scooter, this two-part guide provides practical tips to keep you safe and arms you with valuable information in the event you are in a scooter accident. Continue reading “Scooter Accidents on the Rise”

Maximizing Your Herniated Disc Settlement

Suffering from a herniated disc after an accident is overwhelming, but getting fair compensation for your injuries should not be adding to your stress. There are ways to maximize your herniated disc settlement. Gathering medical bills and records, ensuring proper diagnosis, calculating lost wages, and documenting your pain and suffering will help to ensure you receive the damages you deserve. Contact the skilled personal injury attorneys with the Kelly Law Team for a free consultation.
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Distracted Driving with Kids

The Dangers of Driving with Screaming and Disruptive Kids and What You Can Do

“I’m hungry.” “I’m bored.” “He’s looking at me.” Driving with kids is truly an exercise in skill and patience, and while parents know all too well how disruptive children can be, they often do not think of their kids as dangerous distractions. Research suggests that parents need to rethink how they handle interruptions in the car. Continue reading “Distracted Driving with Kids”

Highway Close Calls

Harrowing Close Calls on the Highway and What We Can Learn

If you’ve been driving long enough, you have likely experienced a close call on the road. Remember that time you slammed on your breaks to avoid a fender bender or stopped in the middle of changing lanes to avoid colliding with a car in your blind spot? While those close calls are frightening, they are also opportunities to reexamine our driving skills and correct bad habits. The following videos captured some harrowing close calls and are a great tool to improve our auto safety. Continue reading “Highway Close Calls”

Senior Citizens and Car Accidents: Statistics You Should Know

Aging causes a number of physical changes that may affect driving, including declines in vision and cognitive functioning, and four of out five senior citizens take one or more medications on a daily basis. Since one in six drivers on U.S. roads is 65 years or older, it is important to take a closer look at how many accidents are taking place among senior citizens and how they can be prevented.

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