Arizona Car Accident Forensics 101

Car Accident and Wreckage
Modern automobile stuck on the road after rolling in the wet weather

Since Arizona is not a no-fault state, car accident forensics often determine who caused an accident and therefore whose insurance company will pay for damages. Auto accident forensics reports, rarely disputed in court, can shed much light on what happened at a scene. Forensic investigators examine a myriad of evidence including:
Arizona car accident forensics 101

  1. Kinetic energy vs. Momentum – When two vehicles collide, total momentum is conserved, but kinetic energy may be converted into other forms of energy. Investigators determine total momentum by measuring each car’s mass and the distance they traveled before making impact. An analysis of kinetic energy will indicate a type of collision known as elastic or inelastic.
  2. Time and Distance – Speed plus time equals distance. Investigators determine how far a vehicle traveled before its driver reacted to the situation by comparing known speed with the average human reaction time.
  3. Skid marks – By analyzing skid marks and factoring drag based on road surface friction and vehicle braking efficiency, investigators can determine the minimum speed of a vehicle before the crash.
  4. Photography – Accident scene photography allows investigators who can’t be on the scene at the time of the crash a visual means of analyzing vehicle damage and positioning to determine what happened during the accident.
  5. Vehicle Manufacturer Specs – Manufacturing specifications provide information about collision ratings, brake systems, turning radii, and other vehicle specs that, when compared to damage assessments, can indicate important information like the minimum force of the collision and faulty or malfunctioning vehicle parts.
  6. Speed vs. Force – After collecting the evidence, investigators can determine the speed of each vehicle and the force of the impact.

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