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5 Exciting Auto Safety Technologies of the Near Future

by | Aug 29, 2016

FRANKFURT, GERMANY - SEP 16, 2015: Car navigation in the Audi RS7 shown at the IAA 2015.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – SEP 16, 2015: Car navigation in the Audi RS7 shown at the IAA 2015.

5 Auto Safety Devices That Could Be Commonplace by the 2020s – and Their Potential Effect on Car Accident Injuries

Car dealerships are now sporting 2017 models, and these vehicles boast features unheard of in autos marketed a decade ago. In another ten years, expect more standard safety devices in cars. This equipment should significantly reduce car accident injuries. Let’s take a quick survey of five promising technologies.

  1. Self-Driving Cars

Silicon Valley uses the term “disruption” when describing new technologies overtaking established models. The term has become a cliché, but there is little question that self-driving vehicles will cause a sea change. Such autonomous cars should appear on the road by the mid-2020s. Ideally, accidents should virtually cease to occur once self-driving cars take over as the primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, the first fatal accident involving a self-driving care occurred in May 2016, so much work remains in the field.

  1. Connected Cars

Soon, “smart” cars will hit the road. Connected via a network, your car will know how fast other vehicles are moving, and it can warn you when an accident takes place nearby. Your car should also be able to determine the best, most efficient routes. Passengers in smart cars will be most at risk from vehicles not yet online.

  1. Windshields as Google Glass

In the near future, “augmented reality” windshields will identify all items and obstacles in the driver’s vision field. This technology should prove especially valuable at night and during poor visibility conditions. The technology in your windshield will be able to alert you to speed limit changes and possible hazards on your journey.

  1. Hazard Alerts

Connected cars need connected roadways. Once those upgrades occur, vehicles can home in on hazards, ranging from black ice to potholes. You will know those hazards exist in ample time to avoid them, or the car will adjust to avoid accidents.

  1. Collision Mitigation Systems

New cars already include certain types of crash avoidance technology. In a few years, collision mitigation systems will anticipate potential crashes and automatically stop the vehicle. Such systems might even eliminate the overwhelming majority of motor vehicle crashes.

What Can Car Accident Victims Do?

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