Having Down Syndrome has meant I take some classes in the life skills room and sometimes regular classes like Geography are hard. I used to do OT and PT and I didn’t like it. I do Speech to help me and I don’t like it but it helps me.

When I take tests I usually just take them. But I used to go to a different room where there were no distractions. I also like to sit up front where there aren’t any distractions.

I don’t feel like Down Syndrome has affected me because I can do anything, I can take my favorite classes like songwriting, guitar, computer applications, literacy and physical science. I can do math, I like to read, and I like to write songs in my song book. I like to play my pink guitar and I write lyrics about my friends and family and how much I love them.

I want to learn about Fashion and Music in college. My big brother is in college and he inspires me to do college. I don’t think Down Syndrome will affect me in college. It will be the same. I will take the classes and learn new things.

Down Syndrome hasn’t stopped me from playing sports. I do Special Olympics basketball, bowling, and track and field. And I do unified basketball at my high school and I do cheerleading. Basketball is my favorite sport and I want to play that in college and I want to learn to play tennis.

I like music and I take singing class and dance class. I have done dance recitals and I do cheerleading competitions and I can do all those things. We went to Florida for cheerleading and won first place.

In my middle school we did a 3 day camping trip at Mt. Cardigan and we had to hike and I could do that. We had to wear backpacks when we were hiking. We set up a tent and had a camp fire and cooked breakfast and cooked dinner. I didn’t like the trip though.

I went to the prom at high school 3 years in a row. It was fun and I like to dance. I’m going to go to my last prom in May. I like to dress up in pretty dresses and wear make up.

I also have done different internships at school and at Dunkin Donuts and IHop and Hubert’s. I like it and now I get paid at Dunkin Donuts. I get drinks, take orders, clean, and do the drive thru. I used to work at KBACE where my Dad works and I got paid but Jen my manager had a baby. Down Syndrome doesn’t matter to my jobs.

I don’t think Down Syndrome has affected me. It is just part of who I am.