The Kelly Law Team Scholarship Application 2016
Short Essay from Debbie A.
My name is Debbie. I am a college student. I am very excited to be called a college student because education is freedom. It is the freedom to be independent, to be able to pursue my life dream, and be successful in life.
I am currently a junior at Mason Life Program at George Mason University, where I have the opportunity to learn and interact with every student. But, I have Down syndrome.
As you can tell, Down syndrome is not a disease it is simply a syndrome. Some type of problem that happened at birth that nobody knows why.
Anyway, don’t worry about the syndrome, let us focus on Debbie. I am beautiful, smart and I love music. I also love school and dreamt about going to college just like my other friends without Down syndrome. Well, two years ago, after my secondary school, I got admission into the life program at George mason University. So, I became a college student. Yes!!!
I am enjoying participating in various campus activities with other students and we learn from each other. I am currently participating in ArtStream, which is theater and acting, with other non-disable students. George Mason University Life program has given me the opportunity to experience college education and to continue to participate in various Special Olympics sports, such as basketball, soccer, swimming, dance, and best buddies, in a college environment. I play soccer and basketball for my school, and my team has won several state games.
I am learning how to read, writ, count money, coke simple food; clean my dorm, and other independent living activities. I am also learning some office skills such as Xeroxing, filling, shredding, answering phones, and taking messages etc. I also volunteer in the mailroom sorting mails.
Guess what? I go to Capitol Hill every Friday for my internship. I work with congressional representatives both men and women. I love Capitol Hill, and I love shaking hands with those big officers.
After my college, I plan to get a good job in the office, or any other area where I can be of help. Perhaps, I may be asked to help in Capital Hills. Anything is possible.
My goal is to be independent, able to live in my own apartment or house, and be part of my community.
Well, as you can see, I have Down syndrome, but Down syndrome does not have me.
Thank you for supporting me.
Debbie, 10/17/2016