COVID-19 Support & Video Consultations

The Kelly Law Team has made several adjustments to help those in need of a personal injury attorney through the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have always been ahead in technology and have been working remotely with relative ease for the past few weeks.  For new consultations, we offer video consultations along with telephonic, or in person consultations by appointment.  We continue to maintain regular hours and can be reached 24 hours a day. We will continue to follow all CDC and the Arizona authority recommendations on best procedures and practices to ensure the safety of our clients.
Existing clients will be happy to hear that our office was prepared several weeks prior to the Pandemic.  Current clients can rest assured that we understand your concerns about how your case could be affected.  We have been working hard to address the concern of missed treatment because of medical facility closures.  In that regard, we have been working with individual insurance adjusters on each case to make them aware of any closures and speaking with the medical facilities about ensuring there is at home treatment, telemedicine, and documentation of the circumstances.

If any client or potential client has any questions or concerns about COVID-19, please understand that we stand by you and await your call.  I can tell you that I am proud of the way our office has stepped up and taken action to make certain that we are helping those in need during these difficult times.


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