Tia C’s Essay

To Whom it may  concern I am applying for this Scholarship to enhance my education. I am a high School   Senoir   at Southern Lee High School. I am an A honor Roll Student I am in the high school Marching band, I am very well lie by my teachers and peers . I have a disability which is Autism. , I have never allowed it to stop me from being success full. I will be graduating June 12th. My planes are to attend UNCG in Greensboro, NC to Study Journalism and Political Science. I am very excited about the opportunity to be a student at UNCG in the beyond academic Program. With This Scholarship it will help to achieve my goals.   I always strive excellence my motto has always been no matter where you come from and what disabilities you have you can always be success full. My long goals are to give back to my community. . I would like to talk to other young people struggling with Autism and I want to let them they  to  can be successful they can  not let a disability hold them back  My career path is to finish school get a job as a congress person or become and anchor person in News room. I know   within myself I can do it. I just really want to make this world a better place. I know within myself I deserve to win the scholarship, I put forth effect in everything I do I always give it a 100% . This Scholarship will be great to get it because I always perform greatness in what every   I do. . I know that is what you are looking for is greatness as me being that is what you will is greatness. I have to show my graduated and in order to do that you must produce greatness which I do for sure.  I would count in an honor to be one of the candidates you select for this scholarship. I will make you proud of me as I not only represent myself I will be representing you also I will go and beyond make capabilities to be outstanding Student at UNCG. I plan to do what is expected of me and stay focus and be an honor student as I was in High School.  My main goal is to strive excellence and give it my best and strive real hard to be best. . Thank you   for reviewing my application and concerning me a potential candidate for this Scholarship.