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Dear, Kelly Law Team

First and foremost, I really appreciate for allowing me to be a candidate for the scholarship; thank you!

I come from a very low-income family. Within my family, there are also problems which make it hard for me to focus on school. I have moved out twice from my parents’ home this past year to live in a peaceful environment, by taking out a student loan and working part-time. However, I recently moved back with my parents for financial reasons. At Glendale High School I played football for four years. Additionally, I played in the lacrosse club for three years. Unfortunately, lacrosse was not a CIF sport, and for that reason the school district did not fund us. Despite that fact, I set up team car washes to help raise money for my team. I have also volunteered at a Summer Horse Camp at Griffith Park to teach young kids equestrian basics. Above all, I have received City of Mayors Commendation for being a part of the S.T.A.R. program. This program helped me develop character and kept me involved with my community for seven years.

Since an eight year I have had a close relation to my community and nature around me. I have participated in numerous environmental and community service events. I don’t look at this as volunteer work, but as a duty that every child should be obligated to do. Not specially attending events, but to able to build some sort of connection their surrounding environment. To care more, because the Earth is only limited to a certain amount of resources.

Incidentally, some of the events I have attended is “The Great Graffiti Paint Out and Community Clean Up Day”, from my vivid memory this event occurs once a year on a Saturday morning it starts across the Glendale City Hall. In this particular Saturday, volunteers and groups one together to achieve one goal. Clean up the whole city of Glendale. This event I have only participated twice, and it is the “Earth Day Beach Clean-up” at Santa Monica on Earth Day. This event focuses on the pollution on the shore. Nonetheless, the program responsible for encouraging me to have such dedication to my environment is the Students Training As Role Models program, and they top had their special clean-up day. I call it the “Block around Bud”, not really an event but a service it is when a handful of my buddies from the S.T.A.R. program were done with homework we would go around the block with a uninformed officer chaperone to eliminate all cigarette buds around our block.

In addition, I have recently been attending the Glendale Community College environment movement events. For example, the open lecture and debate on “Sustainability” by Council Member and Former Mayor of the City of Glendale; furthermore, “The Science of Climate Change” by Jobea Holt, PH.D. author and JPL Scientist, and of founder of KIDSAT.

My G.P.A. currently stands at about 3.4 at Glendale Community College, and I intend to transfer by Summer 2016 to the University of Southern California or Humboldt University. There I intend to complete the Master’s program in Marketing or Advertising, then I will continue my studies to ultimately achieve my PH.D in Geography. I wish to study alongside with other researchers and be able to indicate dramatic environmental and climate changes. However, I would like to focus on our Earth’s Ozone depletion which is currently occurring mainly in the South Pole directly above Antarctica. The cause of this disturbance is pollution that we humans continue to release into the atmosphere. In addition to my studies I hope to publish a couple books relating to geomorphological changes caused by humans.  Moreover, I will use my marketing and advertising skills to promote environment friendly products and material goods.

Therefore, a scholarship would allow me to live independently and thus increase my chances to accomplish my dream.



Jaime Perez

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